DW Training Chip



The MEAN DW Chip (sold in packs of 25) is inserted into a two position feed magazine (including AR-15 magazines) in a training environment to intentionally create malfunctions, such as double feeds.  The DW Chip allows instructors to create spontaneous real-world failures.  One or more DW Chips can be inserted into a magazine prior to a training exercise.  The DW Chip is not visible when the magazine is inserted in the firearm.  When it reaches the top of the magazine, the DW Chip creates a malfunction such that an operator will have to diagnose and clear the weapon one or more times during the training exercise.

 Instructions for Loading a Two Position Feed Magazine with one or more DW Training Chips
(1) Insert a minimum of 2 cartridges into a two position feed magazine to move the follower down.
(2) Insert the DW Training Chip into the magazine such that the curved concave surface faces down and the pointed end of the DW Training Chip extends upward. The DW Training Chip should be placed on top of the lower of the 2 cartridges visible from the top of the magazine. The DW Training Chip should be biased toward the rear end of the magazine such that the DW Training Chip is approximately aligned with the feed lips of the magazine. The DW Training Chip can be located on the either the left or the right column of cartridges of the two position feed magazine. Each DW Training Chip will cause a firearm malfunction.
(3) The next 2 cartridges will need to be inserted into the magazine in a single step. The first cartridge immediately after the DW Training Chip will not engage the feed lips of the magazine and will need to be held inside the magazine with your finger(s). While holding the first cartridge inside the magazine, insert a second cartridge into the top of the magazine. The second cartridge will engage the feed lips and hold all previous cartridges and the DW Training Chip(s) inside the magazine.
(4) Continue loading cartridges into the magazine in a normal manner. Steps (2) and (3) can be repeated to include additional DW Training Chip(s) within the magazine, but there must be a minimum of 2 cartridges loaded after the last DW Training Chip.


  • This is a consumable product and DOES NOT carry a Lifetime Warranty.  If you have an issue please contact our support department via email at support@meanarms.com. We are here to help!

    This product and handling firearms or firearms parts can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm including lead, lead compounds, and petroleum products. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.