The Mean Team is wishing everyone to stay safe and healthy during these unusual times

For now, we are business as usual with all products in stock and shipping daily.  All orders continue to ship in 3-5 days per our normal shipping cycle. Due to the surge in ordering, we are taking both online and email orders. We welcome you to email our sales department directly at (or contact an authorized MEAN retailer). Please just email us your contact information (no credit card data) and we will call you directly.  Thank you and please take care!

The MEAN goal is to innovate

MEAN LLC is a manufacturer that specializes in custom firearm development and product innovation. We develop in-house engineering solutions that range from complete firearms to custom-designed parts. While a somewhat new entry (2012) into the firearm industry, MEAN LLC benefits from over 40 years experience from our parent company, a worldwide provider of custom injection molding services, mold design and part fabrication. MEAN is committed to providing full engineering support and customer service to our clients and customers.

The MEAN goal is to innovate: Do what hasn’t been done. Our commitment to you the customer is to provide you with first-rate service and always deliver QUALITY, INNOVATION and RELIABILITY.